What Do My Employees “Think” About Me?

Becoming an inspiring person in my employee’s post is one of the things that I’m so proud of this time. I don’t define myself or be aware of my leadership style, but listening to my employees is one of the ways to look back in the process of being a leader. An interesting way to “feedback”. Look at me in the employee’s eyes!

“My boss said, leadership is nothing formidable, don’t make it up?!!”

It’s so strange that my boss is being a boss talks like that. Maybe he doesn’t care about his authority in the future? Later I found out, in fact, he doesn’t care about using authority on any employee or department in the company. What a strange way to be a boss!

Talk about being a boss again – Leadership topic. There are 3 styles of Leadership that I see people always discuss whenever I go.

  1. Autocratic leadership – a leadership style that everyone gets bored of, no one wants to “play” with.
  2. Free leadership (laissez-faire) – this leadership style is rare to happen, usually in a group of artists like painters, writers, musicians
  3. Democratic leadership (or participatory) – this leadership style usually asks for member’s opinions and uses them.

Think over and over, my boss doesn’t look like any of the above leadership styles, maybe he is close to the democratic leadership. But I see him more like this “unofficial” type of leadership because no one has listed this type of leadership in those official leaderships, but it is sooner or later because I already have a person to represent for this type of leadership – Servant leadership!

“Servant leadership” means a leader whose first role is serving the others around. A servant leader is opposite to Leader Leader (temporary translation: lead like a boss) – whose first role is a boss.

My boss has some complaining jokes to his employees like he looks like our maid more than a boss. It truly is, I don’t see any boss like him, he stayed up late at night to cook breakfast for us even though he had to go to work earlier than us. He cares about the smallest detail because he knows we will forget it although he has already reminded us many times. What we need – he supports immediately. He listens to our problem then gives a suitable solution. He is a master of SOLUTIONS!

He listens – sympathizes – heals our problems both physically and spiritually matters. He thinks – “dream a big dream” inspires us to achieve that goal together. Finally, he dedicates himself to the collective because he believes that the value will come at last.

It’s so strange but I like my boss to lead us in this way. We – lucky employees – feel being served in a thoughtful way to be stronger, smarter, freer, and more independent to develop ourselves in the best way. Moreover, we will become servant leaders like him in the future. Right now, we are assured to develop as much as possible, even incredible things. My boss always says: “to become like me, you have those factors:

  1. Listening – sympathize with your employees
  2. Recognizing – see the future
  3. Make a plan and goals, a specific goal
  4. Always dedicate to collective
  5. Finally, develop your employees in the most positive way.”

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