I have been working with many talented employees and coaches in different companies lately. And in my opinion, the most important and necessary factor the workforce needs in order to contribute to the development of the company is “The Right Attitude”, according to Mr. Travis Bradberry – the author of Emotional Intelligence and chairman of TalentSmart company. These are the opinions I agree with:

Travis Bradberry explains:

When talking about success, it’s easy to think that people with natural talent will leave us behind in the dust. But the newest research from Stanford University will change your mind as well as your attitude right now.


Psychologist Carol Dweck spent her career researching the Attitude and Behaviour of humans. Her latest report says attitude is an even more important factor than IQ in the success of a person. 


Dweck said she found the core attitude of humans is divided into 2 kinds: “Fixed mindset” and “Growth mindset”.

With a Fixed mindset, you believe that you are what you are right now and you can’t change it. It will create problems when you are in struggles because everything beyond your capacity makes you feel overloaded and hopeless.

People who has a Growth attitude believe that they can totally improve by their effort. They completely overwhelm people with a fixed mindset, even if their IQ is lower, because when they are facing struggle, they consider it as a challenge, an opportunity to learn something new.


As usual, owning abilities like smartness and confidence will help you succeed, but it’s right only when everything happens easily. The key factor in this life is the way you face and handle failures and challenges. People with a growth mindset always welcome failure with both hands. According to Dweck, success in life is the way you face your failure. She describes the way to access failure of growth mindset people:


“Failure is data – we call it a failure, but rather it should be: “it doesn’t work, but I am a problem solver, so I find another way.” wherever you are on the chart, you always can create changes and improve your mindset in the best way.


Don’t feel lonely

We’ve all encountered helpless moments, nowhere to rely on. But the lesson is the way you respond to those feelings. We will learn a helpful lesson or it will pull you down the edge of the abyss.


Countless successful people would never make it if they couldn’t resist the helpless and alone feeling: Walt Disney was fired from Kansas City Star because he “lacked imagination and good ideas”; Oprah Winfrey was fired from being a reporter for a TV because he “invested too many emotions” on his personal problem; Henry Ford had 2 failed car manufacturing companies before succeeded in Ford corporate, and Steven Spielberg was denied by USC School of Cinematic Arts many times. They might be surrendered before they denies and gave up but they didn’t do it. People with a growth mindset don’t feel hopeless because they know to be successful, you have to accept that failure and bounce back quickly.


Be passionate

Successful people don’t stop following their passion. Always, there will be a person who is better than you, if you lack talent, you can compensate with your passion. Successful people’s passion is the factor that helps them to follow excellence nonstop. Warren Buffet recommended searching for true passion, by using the 5/25 technique: write down 25 things you care about the most, then eliminate 20 bottom things. Five things left are your true passions. The others just make you distracted.


Take action

Not all people who have a growth mindset will pass through fear by themselves because they are braver than everybody else; they just realize their fear and anxiety paralyze their emotions, the best way to pass it is to take action. People with a growth mindset are always progressive, and progressive people know there is no perfect moment to move on, so why have to wait? Taking action will turn every worry and fear about failure into a positive. 


Go 1 mile further (or 2)

Progressive people give everything, even their worst day. They always push themselves to go further. Students of Bruce Lee have to run 3 miles every day. One day, when they were about to hit the 3-mile mark, he said: “run 2 more miles”. His students are very tired and lament: “We are dead if we run 2 more miles.” Bruce Lee said: “ Then do it”. His students were so angry that after running 5 miles, they came to face him and complained. He explained: “giving up is no different than dying. If you always set the limit for everything you do, physical or whatever it is, it will affect your entire life. It affects your work, your mental health, and your life. There is no limit. There are mountains, you can’t just stand at the foot of the mountain, you have to climb through it. If it kills you, it has to. A man must constantly strive to surpass his current ability.”


If you don’t get better every day, sure that you are worse day by day – what kind of life is it?


Predict the result

People who have a growth mindset know that they will fail again and again, but they don’t let it prevent them from predicting the result. Predicting the result will help you feel motivated and forward. After all, if you think you can’t be successful, why do you have to worry about it?


Be flexible

Anyone has to face adversity surprisingly. People who have a growth mindset always find the chance in everything, so there is no place for complaining.


Combine everything together

By keeping track of every little thing, you can work each day to keep yourself on the right side of the chart above.


Reference: Inc.com


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