To be a Boss

This blog is from the point of view of an employee about me and the working environment he/she is pursuing. I don’t usually mention and publicize those comments and opinions of others about me even though it’s a compliment. But this is a blog showing my desires and target that I do my best to pursue, to bring the professional working environment where I have the opportunity to work. This sharing from this employee reflects a lot of what I want to convey to young people nowadays. And before there are more articles about my working method and process, I want to share on my blog about what he/she’s done to develop.

“I want to work in a professional environment? What do you know about professionals? But I tell you first, my company isn’t professional at all…!”

What will you do if, at your first interview, your boss asks you that?

He proved to me that, the working environment is not professional naturally, each member is the factor that creates professionalism.

When you are good at something, you are confident with it, and he will show you that you are not good enough in this market, which makes you have to upgrade every day.

He doesn’t limit your creativity, encourages you to give value, to show you that some part of this company is made by you and the bonus is increased based on your value, of course.

When there is a new project, in some field that we don’t know, he creates the frame and lets us finish the rest, whether it fails or succeeds, we always learn our lesson and we are more mature and stronger – he said:” I want all of you to grow faster…”

Because all of us are freshers, so he is the 3-in-1 boss: a boss – a teacher – a friend. And to have a professional team is a long process of forging from the boss to the employees, all have to try our best and wholeheartedly. We strive to improve ourselves, he strives to sharpen us, we are wholehearted for company, for ourselves, he is wholehearted for us. 

“I want each member of you to be an employee that companies hunt, not carrying the resume to apply for jobs everywhere.” He doesn’t keep us staying, we can leave if we want, if we feel it’s enough, we can stop. But he showed in every decision we made, we have to take responsibility for it. 

He teaches us that showing the solution is better than only following the instruction.

He makes us understand when there is a problem, give him a solution, not an execution ( because he knows clearly what is that execution)

He makes us realize, we have more capacity than we think about ourselves if we begin to act.

He makes us understand a new concept: “…professional is a verb.”

He is a person who does what we thought it’s can’t.

He is my boss – Mr. Nguyen Le Hai Dang

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